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Zen Power… CBDrelax has its name for a very good reason. This high CBD (50% sativa / 50% indica) cannabis hybrid offers the ultimate in relaxing experiences, with one of the lowest THC levels of any Paradise Seed strain (0.4% THC / 15% CBD). This therefore means that you will keep a clear head while enjoying the ultimate relaxation for the body.

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Popular with medical users seeking relaxation and body relief, CBDrelax is also a popular choice for recreational users seeking a sense of calm and peace. The "zen" high makes this strain perfect for meditation, yoga, or other mindful arts. CBDrelax is part of a new generation of CBD-rich cannabis strains developed by Paradise Seeds, which are infused with genetics from the Paradise strain library. CBDrelax retains a richness of flavor often missing from CBD flower strains, and in this strain, a bittersweet wonder for the senses.


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